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2014-01-05 Maysoon Zayid: I got 99 problems... palsy is just one
2012-12-25 Merry Christmas
2012-12-22 Christianity Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
2012-09-24 How He Loves Us
2012-05-13 Christianity Mary
2012-02-28 General Glass Half Full
2011-12-22 ESPN: The Finish Line 2 - Short Feature
2011-12-03 General Amy Purdy: Living beyond limits
2011-06-18 Caroline Casey: Looking past limits
2011-04-05 Christianity G.O.S.P.E.L.
2010-09-21 Christianity Always Been About You
2010-09-15 Christianity Life Story - Brent Bearden
2010-08-19 General Charity: Water
2010-08-05 Christianity Peace Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi
2010-07-10 General Scott Thomas: Designing the Obama Campaign
2010-05-16 Christianity The Story of Zac Smith
2010-02-06 Christianity For God LOVED
2009-12-13 Christianity Working the best you can
2009-12-13 Christianity Learning from the past is useful...
2009-10-19 Christianity Memory Verses: Psalm 27:3 and 1 Corinthians 10:13
2009-09-26 Christianity How can a young man keep his way pure?
2009-09-06 Christianity Do not forget to entertain strangers...
2009-08-31 General Consult Not Your Fears...
2009-04-12 General That's My King!
2009-04-12 General Playing For Change | Song Around The World "Stand By Me"
2009-04-05 General TED TALK - Jacek Utko: Can design save the newspaper?
2009-03-08 General Remember What Is Most Important
2009-02-21 General Migrating feed from FeedBurner to Google
2009-02-08 Christianity Verses from Scripture on Advertising boards
2009-01-09 General Serenity Park
2009-01-09 General Quotes by Walt Disney
2008-12-03 Christianity Geeks and God Interview
2008-11-15 General Photos of Jamaica
2008-11-13 General Irene Lyn Fatt (Grandma)
2008-08-03 General On The Tube: TED Talk - Billy Graham
2008-07-31 General On the Tube: Cardboard Testimonies
2008-05-11 Christianity Honesty
2008-04-26 General On the Tube: Creative Video by Fellowship Church
2008-03-25 Christianity Communicating via Scripture
2008-03-21 Christianity Blessed is the man
2008-03-16 Christianity A Baby's Prayer
2008-02-03 Textpattern Textpattern 4.0.6
2008-01-31 Web-Design CodeIgniter 1.6.0
2008-01-08 Christianity A Few Verses on God's Protection
2008-01-07 General Prayer on a Business Card
2007-12-12 General The Big Picture and God's Smuggler
2007-10-15 General Textpattern Solutions
2007-10-06 General Hurricane Dean Photos
2007-09-16 Christianity Living Out: 1 Corinthians 13
2007-08-29 General After Dean
2007-08-26 General On the Tube: Lifehouse Everything skit
2007-08-26 General On the Tube: Bird Song: A Requiem for DRM.
2007-08-18 General Dean
2007-08-07 Christianity On the Tube: Father's Love Letter
2007-08-05 Web-Design DIY Documentation
2007-07-27 Linux Linux and Open Source
2007-07-26 General On the Tube: The Internet Crash of 2007
2007-07-18 General On the Tube: Lifted
2007-07-17 Web-Design Some PHP News
2007-07-11 Linux On The Tube: Linux at DELL
2007-07-01 Textpattern Textpattern 4.0.5 released
2007-06-17 General Father's Day
2007-05-29 Christianity A Few Verses on Talents and Abilities
2007-05-13 General Happy Mother's Day
2007-05-09 Web-Design Google Analytics Redesigned
2007-05-01 Web-Design Web Design Survey 2007
2007-04-12 Personal Challenges
2007-04-12 Christianity A Few Verses on Healing
2007-03-25 Christianity Another Prayer for You
2007-03-10 Christianity The 5 B's of Personal Purity
2007-02-14 Christianity A Few Verses On Love
2007-01-27 General Gentle Jesus meek and mild
2007-01-20 General One Solitary Life
2007-01-17 Web-Design Purple Panama
2007-01-14 General 1907 Quake
2006-12-23 General Merry Christmas 2006
2006-12-23 General 5 Things Meme
2006-12-13 Christianity On the Tube: Swimming
2006-12-02 Christianity CrossConnector now Free
2006-12-01 General On the Tube: The Zune is Crackelacken
2006-11-27 Christianity A Child's Prayer
2006-11-24 General On the Tube: Imagine Me
2006-11-16 Gods-Porch A few new things
2006-11-15 Christianity Philippians 1
2006-09-30 General EPL Talk
2006-09-23 Christianity A few verses to share
2006-09-01 Christianity Tour de Life
2006-08-26 General Ernesto
2006-08-21 Gods-Porch GP Quiz Numero Cuatro Answers
2006-08-11 Gods-Porch Comment form problem now fixed
2006-08-07 Gods-Porch GP Quiz Numero Cuatro
2006-06-29 Christianity Treasures in Jars of Clay
2006-06-21 Gods-Porch Fixes in progress
2006-06-20 Gods-Porch GP Quiz Numero Tres Answers
2006-06-11 Gods-Porch GP Quiz Numero Tres
2006-06-02 Gods-Porch Almost gave up
2006-05-20 Gods-Porch GP Quiz Numero Dos Answers
2006-05-16 General Lo-Fi Faith Meme
2006-05-13 Gods-Porch GP Quiz Numero Dos
2006-05-01 Gods-Porch Rebooted!
2006-04-20 General Praise Report!
2006-04-19 Gods-Porch GP Quiz Numero Uno: Answers
2006-04-17 General April Randoms
2006-04-13 Gods-Porch GP Quiz Numero Uno
2006-04-04 Gods-Porch GP Quiz
2006-03-25 Christianity Ping Homily: Courage
2006-03-09 General Just a few quick things
2006-02-25 Christianity Ping Homilies: Patience
2006-02-22 Ping-Homily Ping Homilies
2006-02-18 Christianity A Key to Victory
2006-02-15 Gods-Porch CSS Reboot
2006-02-14 General Google buys Measure Map
2006-02-03 Christianity Bright and shining star
2006-02-01 General Thank You!
2006-01-28 General Tag! I'm it!
2006-01-15 General A new year, another semester
2006-01-12 Christianity Just Stop and Think
2006-01-07 Christianity Look to the Mountaintop
2005-12-24 General Merry Christmas
2005-12-12 General Stories About God
2005-12-05 Christianity Prayer for Christlikeness
2005-11-24 Christianity Slow to Listen, Quick to Speak
2005-11-23 Web-Design Measure Map
2005-11-21 Gods-Porch What's been happening?
2005-11-15 Web-Design Godbit
2005-11-08 Web-Design Dad, can we build a Treehouse?
2005-11-03 Christianity Encouraging and Helping people
2005-10-30 General A Prayer
2005-10-28 General Special Edition Billy Graham iPod.
2005-10-27 Web-Design Excuses...Excuses...
2005-10-16 General National Hero's Day
2005-10-14 Christianity GP CrossWord
2005-10-06 Christianity In my life Lord, be Glorified!
2005-09-25 Christianity "Later, God, Later"
2005-09-23 Christianity When I am afraid, you are with me Lord.
2005-09-18 Christianity Because God is...
2005-09-13 Christianity Put your Hope in God
2005-09-10 Gods-Porch SPAM loves me.
2005-09-04 Web-Design Come have a seat on God's Porch
2005-08-17 General Lifetime Guarantee
2005-08-10 Gods-Porch Silence is deafening...
2005-07-26 Christianity He gives us strength and peace
2005-07-23 General You know you're a computer addict when...
2005-07-17 Christianity People who know God