GP Quiz Numero Uno: Answers

Published: 19 April 2006 | 0 comments

It’s about that time for me to reveal the answers to the first GP Quiz. It seems the first one wasn’t too difficult as within a few hours both Jim and artjom responded with answers. I am happy to say they both got all the questions correct. Congratulations to you both. For those of you who tried but weren’t able to get the answers or who just simply want to know the answers and where they are found here they are:

  1. B—Joshua 21:6
  2. B—Jeremiah 32:11-12
  3. A—Joshua 21:32
  4. C—1 Chronicles 4:10
  5. A—Genesis 41:51-53

Just to let you know there might not be another GP Quiz for at least two weeks as I begin exams starting next week, but God willing you should have another quiz sometime after that.

For those that attempted this quiz, thank you. It was fun trying to put it together and cool to see how quickly you responded.

Peace and God Bless.



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