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Published: 15 October 2007 | 6 comments

Texpattern Solutions It took me a little longer than I had expected but as promised, here is my review of Textpattern Solutions. It was written by Kevin Potts, Robert Sable and Nathan Smith along with Mary Fredborg and Cody Lindley and is the first official book written about Textpattern, a powerful PHP-based Open Source CMS.

Despite using TXP since I started this website I knew there was still a lot for me to learn and also a few things that could be improved with the way I setup this site. Needless to say when I got wind of this book there was no doubt in my mind that it would help me to be a better TXP user.

The book is well-written and takes you through every aspect of TXP. Everything and I mean everything about TXP is covered in this book. You’ll learn the ins and outs of installation, navigating and accomplishing various tasks in the administrative interface, go through the process of building a complete site covering articles, forms and pages, and even learn how to build you’re own plugins. There are also 3 case studies that help to further demonstrate just how flexible TXP can be. What more could you ask for?

This book was a great read and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is new to TXP, thinking about using it or who currently uses it and would like to learn more about this wonderful CMS.

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gravatar Nathan Smith — 16 October 2007

Thanks for the review Yannick. It’s always good to hear what people think of one’s own work. I’m glad that it illuminated your understanding of TXP. I certainly learned a lot while writing it.

gravatar Ben — 16 October 2007

If only book reading was enjoyable to me, maybe I’d learn something. =)

gravatar Kevin — 16 October 2007

Indeed, thank you for the kind words. I use Textpattern everyday, and still use the book as a resource. Almost everytime I pick it up there’s something new in there. For the Textpattern user, no matter how experienced, it’s indispensible.

gravatar Yannick (Author) — 18 October 2007

Nathan & Kevin: You are most welcome. Thank you both for contributing to such a good book. It’s the perfect companion book for any Textpattern user. I’ll definitely be putting what I’ve learnt to use on this site and any others I do with TXP.

Ben: Hehe, I’m not much of a book reader either but I usually just take my time and go chapter by chapter until I’m done. As long as you own the book then there really is no rush. Read whenever you can. :)

gravatar Ben — 5 December 2007

Hey Yannick, haven’t heard from you on here in a while, just wanted to pop in and say hi. How’re things going? Hope they’re going well! Take care.

gravatar Cheap Pills Online — 23 May 2008

thank you for the kind words.

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