The Big Picture and God's Smuggler

Published: 12 December 2007 | 2 comments

I’m not big on reading books, but currently I’m reading two. Here I share what I’m currently reading and also share a quote from each book.

The first is God’s Smuggler. It tells the story of Brother Andrew, a young Dutch factory worker and his amazing mission to transport Bibles to people behind the Iron Curtain. It also details the miraculous ways in which God guided and provided for him every step of the way. So far I’m about half way through and really enjoying it. Here is a quote from the book, a prayer that Brother Andrew prayed many times as he went about working undercover for God:

Lord, in my luggage I have Scripture I want to take to Your children. When You were on earth, You made blind eyes see. Now, I pray, make seeing eyes blind. Do not let the guards see those things You do not want them to see.

The next book is called The Big Picture by Ben Carson. You may have heard of his other books, Gifted Hands (which is a very good book mind you) and Think Big (which I haven’t read yet). From Amazon’s Editorial Reviews:

In The Big Picture, Ben Carson reveals the spiritual and philosophical foundations that undergird not just his dramatic career, but his approach to all of life. As in his best-selling Gifted Hands, Dr. Carson shares colorful, behind-the-scenes anecdotes. As in Think Big, he describes his practical principles for success. But The Big Picture is neither an autobiography nor a personal-effectiveness manual. Rather, it’s a multifaceted look at the faith and vision that can see us all through hardship and failure, and stir us to bold exploits on behalf of something greater than ourselves.

I’ve just started this one and I’m looking forward to reading some more as it has been pretty interesting thus far. One of the things I admire about Dr. Carson is the fact that he goes to God in prayer before making decisions. Here is a snippet from the book right before Dr. Carson decided to take part in the separation of the Makwaeba sisters:

By itself, the medical challenge alone was heavy enough. The risks would be high. The chance of a successful separation of the twins was far from certain. As to all the other, broader goals Sam had in mind, I didn’t immediately know what to think.

So I decided to do what I always do when I face a new challenge. Whenever I encounter uncertainty in my professional or personal life, whenever I find myself in need of wisdom (which happens regularly), I pray. I told Sam I would pray about this offer and ask for God’s guidance.

So there you have it, those are the two books I’m currently reading. If you’re into books, especially Christian/Inspirational books or just looking for something a little different, I’d say these two books (as well Dr. Carson’s two other books) are worth looking into.

Peace and God bless.



gravatar Ben — 14 December 2007

Really wish I could keep up with any kind of reading. Though I remember doing a book report on Ben Carson when I was younger, mainly because my name is Ben Carlson and it’s so dang close. :P

gravatar Yannick (Author) — 14 December 2007

Hey Ben,

Yeah Ben, I must confess I don’t keep up with reading as much as I should, but every now and then it’s good to take a break and get some done.

That’s an interesting little tidbit about your book report. lol. I hope you did well. :)

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