Fixes in progress

Published: 21 June 2006 | 1 comment

I’ve been slowly trying to fix a few things that were a bit off when I rebooted on May 1st. One such thing is the PNG famfam icons I used around the site which IE 6 and below have a problem rendering. I have managed to get the icons in my navigation working properly thanks to an article by Lloyd Dalton on Cross-browser semi-transparent backgrounds but am still working on the others.

Now if you happen to be viewing the site in IE 6 and notice icons missing and a black line that appears and disappears in the middle of the page when you scroll or hover over certain links, don’t panic, it just means I’m still not finished yet. I hope to get it all fixed soon. If you notice anything else that seems odd, feel free to contact me.

Peace and God Bless.



gravatar Alice — 14 July 2006

I think, everything is ok now with your site

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