On the Tube: Lifted

Published: 18 July 2007 | 3 comments

I really enjoy watching animated films, especially those done by Disney and Pixar. So when I heard about a little short film done by the folks at Pixar, you best believe I had to check it out. This one is called ‘Lifted’ and I found it pretty funny and a good watch. Check it out and enjoy.

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gravatar Chris Harrison — 19 July 2007

I loved this short! I’m consistently surprised at the creativity that comes out of Pixar. Have you seen Ratatouille, yet? It’s quite good! I took my 19-month-old son to see it with me, and it kept his attention for 3/4 the movie! I really enjoyed it.

gravatar Yannick (Author) — 19 July 2007

Hey Chris,

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see Ratatouille yet and I’m not sure if I will before it leaves the theatre here. I heard it was pretty good though and since you give it a thumbs up, I bet it really is. You were spot on with Transformers too. :)

gravatar Matt — 19 July 2007

Pixar’s shorts are almost always brilliant; I always look forward to seeing a new one when I watch one of their movies. Chris is right about Ratatouille….quite good indeed.

Always feels a bit odd going to the Pixar movies since I have no kids, but they’re always so funny. Plus, kids movies are one of the few genres still relatively clean to watch.

Seems like I’ve seen more movies (e.g., Transformers, Ratatouille, Fantastic 4, and Harry Potter) the last couple of months than I usually do. I guess there has been more that interest me—plus I have a drive-in in a small town nearby that has double features for $6. Plus, the concession has real food at normal prices :D

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