Comment form problem now fixed

Published: 11 August 2006 | 2 comments

I’m not quite sure when things went hay wire with the comment form, but I thank Robert for alerting me to the problem. It seems whenever a user attempted to preview a comment they had just typed, the form data would disappear instead of showing the preview.

This stumped me greatly since I had not made any changes to the website (well…apart from a minor change to the CSS). So what do you do when you can’t figure it out on your own? Call for Help that’s what! I made a post over at the TXP Forums about the issue and quickly got a few responses on how to solve the problem. It seems I was using the 404 method to implement clean URLs in TXP and since it’s an experimental feature it won’t always work. In my case a change might have been made to the server config (not sure by whom) and the two (404 method and server config change) didn’t agree.

Just in case others may be having the same problem or are just curious as to what the solution was head on over to the following link over at the TXP blog for more details:

Partly Messy: Clean urls without mod_rewrite



gravatar Robert — 12 August 2006

Interesting problem. Glad you got it going!

gravatar Yannick (Author) — 12 August 2006

Yeah I found it interseting also but it’s all back up and running, so that’s good. Thanks again Robert.

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