On The Tube: Linux at DELL

Published: 11 July 2007 | 4 comments

Dude you’re getting DELL Linux Humour. Here’s a little funny clip from the folks at DELL about how their recent Linux offerings are affecting their staff. (Note: Pay special attention to the various names given to people in the video.)



gravatar Matt — 12 July 2007

This video is so funny. I first came across it on Ben’s site OpenSwitch. Just about ever character has a Linux related name. Did you catch the guy doing the penguin walk into the building?

gravatar Yannick (Author) — 12 July 2007

Haha, you know Matt I didn’t realise that at first but now that you mentioned it I watched it again and saw it. That’s really funny!

gravatar Matt — 13 July 2007

I’m sure there is plenty of stuff I missed…the penguin waddle is really fun though.

gravatar Mark Priestap — 14 July 2007

haha! Brilliant. Viral marketing at its finest.

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