GP Quiz Numero Tres

Published: 11 June 2006 | 3 comments

The 3rd GP Quiz is taken from 1 Chronicles. By now you know the drill, but in case you’re new here’s how it goes. There are 5 questions each with 4 answers. Choose the answer you think is correct for each question and leave a comment stating your answers. Only the letter is necessary, not the whole answer. Enjoy!

  1. Which of the following are names Saul’s sons?
    1. Abinadab, Ahaz, Tahrea
    2. Zimri, Eleasah, Jonathon
    3. Malki-Shua, Abinadab, Ishmael
    4. Abinadab, Malki-Shua, Jonathon
  2. When Saul died, who did the Lord turn his kingdom over to?
    1. Joseph
    2. David
    3. Jonathon
    4. Abinadab
  3. When David conquered Jerusalem, who led the attack on the Jebusites?
    1. Joab
    2. Jashobeam
    3. Eleazar
    4. Benaiah
  4. Who was Abishai?
    1. David’s son
    2. Jonathon’s son
    3. Michah’s father
    4. Joab’s brother
  5. Look to the Lord and his _________;_________ his face always. (*Note*: how long the space is has nothing to do with the answer.)
    1. love, watch
    2. promises, watch
    3. strength, seek
    4. faithfulness, seek



gravatar Robert — 11 June 2006


gravatar Matt Heerema — 11 June 2006

d, b, a, d, c

gravatar Artjom — 13 June 2006

same here: D / B / A / D / C

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