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Published: 9 May 2007 | 4 comments

If you haven’t heard of Google Analytics, it’s a free service offered by Google that gives you statistics about the visitors to your website. It’s been out for quite a while now but it has just received it’s first redesign since it launched back in November 2005. It’s been a long time coming but from the looks of it, it should be a lot more user friendly and easy to use. This is really great news as I found the previous design not so user friendly and a bit confusing. If you currently use GA, then over the next few days (or weeks) look out for an email from the GA team letting you know that the new design has been applied to your account.

While I have yet to get the opportunity to check out the new interface, a part of me is itching to see it and another part not so anxious. I’m itching to see it because of course it’s been redesigned and come on, who isn’t anxious when something is relaunched with a new design and also the fact that the same guys who worked on Measure Map had a hand in the whole thing. On the other hand, I’m partly not so anxious because for a personal site like mine, I never really had much use for most of the features GA offered. To me it seemed more geared towards businesses and not you’re average blogger and I get the feeling that despite the new look, it will still pretty much be more for businesses.

In case you didn’t know, I wrote an article a while back about Measure Map, both here and on Godbit. I loved it and think it suites my needs perfectly and I still use it to this day (in parallel with GA), however, when MM got acquired by Google, it seemed as if development of MM ceased as the MM team began to help work on GA (as we now see the fruits of their labour). I was a bit disappointed that MM was put on the back burner and I know others share my sentiments. I keep hoping that an update will be made soon and that I will hear they are back on track with development, but with each day that goes by that seems less likely. Some say MM is dead and that it’s now basically all under GA, but who knows since we haven’t heard anything official from the MM team.

In any case I patiently wait for my GA account to be switched over to the new design so I can give it a whirl and I also hope to get some word about what the future holds for MM.

Feel free to read up more about the new redesign of GA at the following websites:

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gravatar Nate Klaiber — 9 May 2007

I was immediately excited, then let down as I went to my GA account and received the note that it isn’t updated yet (at least for exisiting users). I have been using GA since it was launched – for an array of sites. It is definitely geared more towards the business side/ecommerce driven sites. For my personal site there are just a few sections that I use extensively – and I don’t touch the rest.

It would be nice if you could set up a ‘profile’ for the websites to get things you want to see at a glance. They have their preset profiles – but they still don’t really fit the mold.

Regardless – I am excited to see the new interface, it has definitely been needing it!

gravatar Deborah — 9 May 2007

I was excited when I signed into Google Analytics today to read the news about the upgrade, only to discover it may take up to a month before accounts are transferred to the new interface.

My clients like GA, but rarely spend time beyond the main page to investigate the more than 90 reports. Last week, one of our local IT groups had a Google Analytics manager speak about GA, and he hinted about “new items in the works”. I didn’t realize the new version was so close to release.

gravatar Yannick (Author) — 9 May 2007

Yeah Nate probably that would help somewhat if we were able to setup a profile of what we’d like to see.

gravatar Matt — 9 May 2007

Yannick, I was just logging into my Analytics account to see the changes and took a brief pause to check my feed reader before reading my stats andI came across your post.

My account has been updated and I must say it has changed quite a bit. I suppose it looks more like MeasureMap but I was never able to get an MeasureMap account. I signed up right after they were bought by Google and never received an invitation…guess we all know why now.

I agree with you about GA being a bit confusing. I didn’t like the interface at all when I first started using it, but overtime became accustomed to it. It does provide a lot of information, but some of it is still hard for me to interpret even after being a long time user of GA.

I haven’t looked in detail at the changes, but I hope GA offers the flexibility of designing our own dashboards. I’m going to look now :)

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