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Published: 30 September 2006 | 2 comments

If you know me then it’s no secret that I’m a big football (soccer) fan. BIG! And if you didn’t know, well now you do. Saturdays, Sundays and occasionally during the week I watch as many games as possible or at least try to catch the highlights and when that’s not possible you best believe I find myself to ESPN Soccernet or Newsvine’s Soccer Section to get the latest news and scores.

Out of all the leagues though my favourite has to be the English Premier League (EPL) and I follow it very closely. Watching the games by yourself, though exciting, isn’t nearly as fun as having other football fans right there with you. But what happens when you can’t have have that get together for the big games on a Saturday and Sunday? What’s a football fan to do? Look no further than EPL Talk. EPL Talk is run by “The Gaffer”, who is very passionate about football and the EPL. According to the website, EPL Talk is, “Refreshingly different, and capturing all of the excitement, passion and fun of the best league in the world, the English Premier League...”. I couldn’t agree more.

EPL Talk runs a weekly podcast about the premier league and has interviews with various football celebrities. There’s even a weekly newsletter and regular blog posts with news, thoughts and comments on what’s happening in the EPL. Added to all that is the fact that on the weekend the Gaffer has a live chat where other EPL fans can discuss and share in the excitement as the games are going on. He even shows two games on split screen on his home TV via webcam so you can at least see some of the action if you can’t see the game where you are.

So what are you waiting for, go check out EPL Talk. It’s on the rise and I have no doubt it will keep getting better and better.



gravatar Jane — 2 October 2006

Unfortunately, I’m not a football fan…

gravatar Yannick (Author) — 3 October 2006

Hi Jane,

I know this post isn’t for everyone. Just thought I’d make it to help spread the word about EPL Talk to those who are football fans.

Hopefully my next post will be more geared towards others.

Is there anything in particular you were interested in Jane?

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