The 5 B's of Personal Purity

Published: 10 March 2007 | 7 comments

One of my favourite programmes to listen to on the radio was Back to the Bible with Woodrow Kroll and Tami Wissert. It’s an excellent programme and always a pleasure to listen to. I first heard this programme on the radio while giving a good friend of mine a drive home one day. But due to the fact that I am not usually in my car at the time it comes on, I wasn’t able to listen as often as I would have liked. Eventually I found out that the Back to the Bible team had put the same episodes that air on the radio, online in the form of a podcast. YES!! I could now download the episodes and listen to it when and where I wanted.

One particular episode stood out to me and seeing that I had the time, I tried to jot down a few of the points mentioned on paper so that I could remember it. Sadly, the paper eventually disappeared and I couldn’t find it. Recently, however, while I was cleaning my room I found it and decided I would post about it, lest I lose the paper again. The title was “The 5 B’s of Personal Purity” and below are a few of the points I had noted:

  1. Be careful what you see. Remember what happened to David when he saw Bathsheba. Sin often happens because of what we see.
  2. Be careful where you go. Paul told Timothy to “Flee youthful lusts, and follow righteousness, faith, love and peace..” (2 Timothy 2:22). Why go somewhere if you know it will lead to sin.
  3. Be careful what you want. (Judges 14:1-3) Samson wanted the wrong thing and he got what he wanted. Sometimes you must be careful what you want? Because if God allows you to have what you want, it likely will destroy you. The greatest achievements in life are usually accomplished by people who have a single desire that becomes the ruling passion of all that they do. If our desire is for the temporary things of life, if our desire is to become rich for instance, the chances are pretty good we’ll make a lot of money in our lives. And we’re going to lose it all and leave it all behind. But if our desire is to be clean before God and live a life of purity then we can. Just be careful.
  4. Be careful what you think about. (Ephesians 4) Remember, Garbage in = Garbage Out. What you think about will characterize where you go and what you want and what you choose to look at. It is our thought life that gives rise to action, action gives rise to life and our life begins all the way back with what we think about. (Proverbs 23:7 and Phil. 4:8) In place of what is in your mind, put new things in. Good things. The right things bring you closer to God, the wrong things carry you farther away.
  5. Be careful why you live. (1 John 3:1) One of the best ways to lose your purity, one of the easiest ways to be unclean before God, is to have nothing eternal to live for. If you can be careful why you live, you will be careful how you live. Be careful what it is that drives you to press on in life. Be careful what is the most meaningful thing to you. (Job 27:5-6)

As I stated before, the above are a few points that stood out to me and definitely do not explain the 5 B’s fully. If you would like to read the transcripts of the episodes in full, you may do so at the following links:

I hope you will find it helpful and I pray that each and everyone of you will be able to maintain a pure heart and clean hands in your Christian walk.

Peace and God bless.



gravatar Matt (mithrill) — 10 March 2007

Those are some really good points to live by Yannick. I like the consistent format used to present each point because it makes them easier to remember.

I’ll have to check out Back to the Bible on my way to work. A couple of weeks ago I started listening to podcast on my way to work rather than the radio or CDs…they make the time pass so much faster and I get to learn at the same time. I have a very small rotation of podcast, especially Christian focused ones. This should be a great add.

Thanks for sharing!

gravatar Yannick (Author) — 11 March 2007

Hi Matt,

You’re welcome Matt. If you get a chance to read through the transcripts, there’s more information and examples of the above points. And definitely check out the podcast as well.

By the way which other Christian focused podcasts do you listen to? I’d love to check out a few more myself.

gravatar Matt (mithrill) — 11 March 2007

Hi Yannick,

I’ve been listening to the Passion07 Podcast. I’m not sure how many more new shows they’ll do since the focus of the Podcast was the Passion Conference in Atlanta. However, they have created some after the conference and I think they plan on doing some more. I didn’t attend the conference, but the podcast has some pretty good topics.

The Fermi Project is another one I listen to. It is brand new and has been good so far. The focus of it is the Christian’s role in influencing the culture.

Desiring God Sermon Audio is the last one on my list. This one is actually a John Piper’s weekly sermons. I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep it on my rotation. The material is fine, but its hard to listen to a sermon while driving.

I’m still looking for some more to check out, that is why I can’t wait till I hear Back to the Bible. Please let me know if you find any good ones.

Thanks and God bless,

gravatar Tony — 13 March 2007

Matt, could you provide links for those different podcasts? I’d be interested in adding some to my rotation.


gravatar Yannick (Author) — 13 March 2007

Thanks for sharing your favourites Matt. Just as Tony, asked, I’d be interested in links to the podcats you mentioned.

gravatar Matt — 14 March 2007

No problem guys.

Fermi Project
268 Generation
Desiring God, not sure where it is on the web…I found it through iTunes and don’t know what website links to it.

Also, all of these should be easy to find in iTunes by searching on the title I gave you.

gravatar Yannick (Author) — 14 March 2007

Thank you very much Matt. I’ll definitely give those a listen.

Have a great day!

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