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According to all the weather reports Hurricane Dean is still on course for Jamaica and is expected sometime tomorrow evening and will probably continue through Monday. The last major hurricanes to cause us trouble were Hurricane Ivan back in 2004, which didn’t hit us directly but still caused a fair amount of damage, Hurricane Gilbert back in 1988 which went right over us and Hurricane Charlie in 1951 both of which were pretty bad (Note: I didn’t experience Charlie but read about it).

Tracking Map of Hurricane Dean courtesy of
Tracking Map of Hurricane Dean courtesy of

We continue to hope and pray that it will somehow turn away from us (like so many others have), but either way we also hope it won’t cause too much damage and we definitely hope there will be no loss of life as a result of this Hurricane. My prayers also go out to those other islands that have been affected, are being affected or will be affected by this and other hurricanes.

As an aside and in case anyone is interested, I thought Dr. Jeff Masters’ blog post titled Can Jamaica pray away Hurricane Dean? was an interesting read. It gives you an idea of just how God has really blessed and spared Jamaica with regards to hurricanes taking a detour at the last minute and not doing as much damage as it could have.

Also check out Marvia’s post Jamaica On Hurricane Dean’s Hit List . She also asks some interesting questions at the end, so leave a comment and let her know your thoughts.

Keep safe and God bless.



gravatar Chris Harrison — 19 August 2007

Stay safe, my friend. Hopefully all you’ll see is just a little bit of rain.

gravatar Yannick (Author) — 19 August 2007

Thanks Chris. We certainly hope so too. :)

gravatar Matt — 19 August 2007

I hope you, your family, and your country stay safe. I mentioned you and the hurricane heading for Jamaica this morning at church during the prayer request time. I just wanted to let you know others are praying for you too. Stay safe!

gravatar Ben — 19 August 2007

My prayers are with you too, keep us updated.

gravatar Robert Evans — 20 August 2007

You’ll be in my prayers, my friend. Keep me updated and I’ll be checking in on you, if you haven’t lost connection there.

gravatar Deborah — 20 August 2007

I read that power had been turned off to protect the power grid. Hope you and your family are safe; you’re in my prayers.

gravatar Ben — 21 August 2007

Yeah, been praying for you. Saw some footage, let us know you and family are OK as soon as ya can!

gravatar Yannick (Author) — 21 August 2007

Thanks for the prayers and concern, it’s much appreciated and was really helpful (the prayers that is) since we didn’t get a direct hit. Just a quick update letting you know that we are okay. No power at the moment, just sending a quick message from somewhere with a generator. Will post more details as soon as I can.

Peace and God bless.

gravatar Nathan Smith — 21 August 2007

Yannick: Olga and I have been praying for your safety, and that of Jamaica as a whole. I’m glad to hear that you’re still okay, and will pray that you continue to be kept safe.

gravatar Deborah — 21 August 2007


Glad to hear you and your family are okay. We followed the storm news Sunday evening and kept praying Jamaica wouldn’t be hit directly by the hurricane. Keep safe.

gravatar Chris Harrison — 22 August 2007

I am very relieved that you and your family are alright :)

gravatar Yannick (Author) — 23 August 2007

Thank you Nathan, Deborah and Chris. We now have back power so hopefully I can give you all a better update on things here soon even though you’ve probably heard a bit on the news.

Peace and God bless you all.

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