Dad, can we build a Treehouse?

Published: 8 November 2005 | 4 comments

This one is for the Web Designers out there. If you haven’t already heard, the November issue of Treehouse Magazine is now out. What is Treehouse you ask?

Treehouse is a monthly web development PDF magazine put together by the people behind Particletree.

Treehouse provides web designers, programmers and entrepreneurs a creative home and outlet for the latest news, trends and techniques from the best in the industry.

After reading the inaugural October issue(available for FREE), which I really enjoyed, I decided to subscribe for more Web Development goodness. In the November issue Nathan Smith has a really nice article on “Working with Non-Profits” which brought out some really good points that I hope to apply soon. There is also a nice interview with Lisa McMillan, book reviews and much more. So, if you are into Web Development, I highly recommend you subscribe.

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gravatar Nathan Smith — 9 November 2005
Thanks Yannick, I appreciate the mention. It really wasn’t too ground-breaking of an article. Just basically said “Hey, let’s stop worrying so much about money as designers. Let’s design with a passion, and the money will come. Give back to your community, etc.” Everyone else, buy the issue to read more. ;P
gravatar Yannick (Author) — 9 November 2005
You are welcome Nathan. Hehe well I still thought it was pretty good and I am happy that I read it.

Thanks for stopping by also. :)
gravatar Heiko — 12 November 2005
I’ve read the second edition too and I really like this kind of magazine. Important articles about webdesign and development always with the a touch of W3C Standard. Excellent!
gravatar Yannick (Author) — 20 November 2005
Yes indeed Heiko, it is really excellent.

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