On the Tube: Lifehouse Everything skit

Published: 26 August 2007 | 8 comments

Browsing through GodTube.com, I came across this really nice video and felt the need to share it. This one is especially for teenagers out there but I’m sure even adults can relate to it as well.

Fervent Prayer teens present a skit set to the song “Everything” by Lifehouse. Representing the struggles and distractions of life that teens and others battle. The Victory is in Jesus.



gravatar Chris PallĂ© — 27 August 2007

Nice, dude. Thank you so much. What a blessing to find this in my reader this morning. God bless!

gravatar david — 14 September 2007

wow! simply amazing, thank you for sharing


gravatar Dianne Long — 25 September 2007

I have heard the music before. I have seen a similar video on God Tube. Your presentation is wonderful. The illustrations of what is found in the world and how we can fight in vain against it states the facts. The illustration of Jesus Christ entering the picture and shielding us, fighting for us, forgiving us, then washing us clean, is powerful. Keep up the great work with your young people and allow such presentations to open the eyes of the lost and unforgiven to the light of Jesus Christ. That will be my prayer. In Jesus’ Holy Name I pray it. Amen

gravatar Yannick (Author) — 26 September 2007

Dianne: Thanks, however, I cannot take credit for it as I was not the one who created, organized or recorded the video and have no affiliation with the Church. I just found the skit on GodTube and thought it was worth sharing. If you would like, you may contact Fervent Prayer Outreach Ministries and commend them and their young people on the presentation. :)

gravatar norma — 10 October 2007

Just think if the lost could see it that way! talk about an ole camp meetin’ service goin’ on, now that would be it one!This is beautiful! Thank you young people for being involed, and doing a work for the Master! Thank You A Millon Times!

gravatar Becky — 1 November 2007

What a Blessing! That skit really brings you back to reality, and what is truly important in our lives.Thank You!

gravatar lisa stowers — 7 December 2007

I am just sitting here with tears rolling down my face. it was great i hope you can reach alot of young people, nomatter what race there areor how old they are. Because the devil can pull yu down to his level and he dose not care about you. Are yall from Atlanta ,Ga if so i think yall might been on Dublin Va this past summer If so yall did a great job then. Keep up the good work .

gravatar russel mcdougall — 16 August 2008
hello every time i see this skit it touched my heart we need to make them understand

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