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As you may/may not have noticed my posts sometimes are few and far between. It is not that I don’t want to post but for a number of reasons I am unable to. So here are my excuses (some very valid, others well…I’ll let you decide) in no particular order:

So those are my excuses…err…I mean reasons.

I do have two posts that I would really like to make one of which I am really excited about. So as soon as I can I hope to post them.

What’s with the ‘Coming Soon’ on your about section?” you ask. Yup I’m working on it. I got a little knock on the noggin after reading “ The Art of Self-Branding ” by Lea Alcantara and “ The Top Ten Design Mistakes ” by Jakob Nielsen.

With that said, have a Blessed day.

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gravatar Claire — 29 October 2005
Think this post should be tiltled “Priorities…Prioroties”, because from the looks of it , they seem to be pretty well in order. Even though you haven’t had a chance to post much, it sounds like you’ve still been busy working on them in the background. Sounds like we all have something to look forward to soon. Yan….do one thing though…add this to you list of excuses…..” I need a day for just me ” God Bless you my friend!
gravatar Yannick (Author) — 30 October 2005
Thanks Claire, that is true.

I hope those posts and others in the future will speak to the hearts of all who read them.

I will try take a few “I need a day for just me” days when I can.

Thanks Claire.

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