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Published: 23 November 2005 | 0 comments

Measure Map is a free stat tracker developed by Adaptive Path. I was lucky enough to get an invitation to try it out, as part of their “alpha” testing phase. I am quite pleased with it thus far. I know there are other stat trackers out there like Mint and Google Analytics. Each are good products and have their pros and cons. I am not going to argue which is better, just highlight some of Measure Map’s features.

Setting It Up

It is usually a cinch to install, though it took more effort for Textpattern. With the help of the MM crew and Aloicious and Mary from the TXP forum, we were able to find a solution. It was just a matter of adding some JavaScript snippets to the general template, and to the post / comments loop. Once those are in place, viola! You’re good to go.

On To the Stats


One of the first things I noticed about Measure Map was the simple, clean interface. It shows you in real-time all visitors, links, comments and posts views. When I want to quickly check my stats, it’s all right there on the front page, telling me exactly what I need to know. If I do have the time to view more details, then it’s simply a matter of a few clicks. Now, let’s break down each section.

Visitors, Links, Comments and Posts

The visitor page shows how the current stats compare to an average day, and also the percentage and number of return visitors you have had. It also provides a nice graph so you can see your stats over the last month.


The links page displays referrals from other sites and clicks on outgoing links. It also tells you search terms that people have used. They keep it simple initially, but if you’re looking for more details, it is just a matter of clicking around the interface. The comments and posts sections are similar, so I will not go into detail about those.


Browsers and Countries

The browsers section gives you a run-down of the percentage of various browser usage. It displays the major browsers, like Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Anything else is classified under “other.” It would be nice if this could be broken down a little more, so that browsers like Opera and Camino for could be shown in their own rows.

The countries section is one of my favourite features. There is something nice about being able to see where your visitors are from. The map is nicely done, and the corresponding countries are highlighted. When you hover over the country, it tells you how many people visited from that country. Without this, I would not have known that I have readers from Sweden, Australia and Indonesia.


View Slider

Throughout this review I have mentioned that stats are displayed for a particular day. Measure Map also has a nice little slider that allows you to change your stats from a single day to a more comprehensive overview.

Time Range


Measure Map won’t be for everyone. You cannot install it on your own server because it hosts your stats remotely. As of yet, it is not extensible via plugins, the way that Mint is with Peppers. In its current form it seems more geared towards blogs. It does not have as much detail as some of the other robust trackers out there. However, If you are just looking for something free, simple and effective, then Measure Map is an excellent option.

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